Power Bolts


IMPORTANT NOTE:  You only earn Power Bolts when you are signed into your Power Bolt account.  For social media and referral activities, those are only eligible if done through the Power Bolt Program launcher.
For complete list of Terms and Conditions of the Program and FAQ’s, click on these links.


Become a member of the Moxie Movement. Moxie Chic wants to encourage all girls to spread the word and create a revolution. How does it work?
Movement Members acquire POWER BOLTS (otherwise known as Moxie Money), which are valuable at  The more you purchase and engage in other qualifying actions (and energize the Moxie Movement), the more POWER BOLTS you collect and the more Moxie Chic recognizes you with rewards.   
To become a Movement Member eligible for Power Bolts, simply sign up, no purchase necessary. You will automatically receive 250 Power Bolts. To sign up, click the "Earn Power Bolts" icon on the bottom of this page.
You can earn Power Bolts in any number of ways:
  • Sign up for the Power Bolt Program - You are rewarded an instant 250 Power Bolts!
  • Have a birthday - If you tell us when it is enough days prior, we will help you celebrate!; Our gift, 500 Power Bolts
  • Share our URL on social media (note there is a lifetime limit on points for this activity).
  • Make Referrals - You can share a unique referral URL (generated by us) with friends (by email and/or on social media).  If your advocating for leads to a first time buyer with, you get a discount code for yourself and your friend will receive a discount code too.  It’s a win win for everyone!


 How To Earn Power Bolts: 


Eligible Activity 
Power Bolt Earned
Every $ you spend
3 Power Bolt
Share URL on Facebook
50 Power Bolts (1x per lifetime is max)
Follow #VoiceYourMoxie  on Instagram
50 Power Bolts (1x per lifetime is max)
Refer A New Moxie-Chic Friend (who makes a first order)
You get discount coupon, friend gets coupon of the same value
On Your Birthday
500 Power Bolts 1x per year
Account creation
250 Power Bolts



How To Redeem Power Bolts: 


Upon reaching the following Power Bolt minimums, you may redeem Power Bolts to receive a reward discount.  Power Bolts used to redeem a reward will be deducted from the total Power Bolts available on your member account.
You may not combine rewards with any other coupon or promotion. Power Bolts cannot be used toward charitable items, sales tax or shipping charges.


 Power Bolt Redemption Amount
Reward Discount
500 Power Bolts
$5 off
1000 Power Bolts
$10 off
2000 Power Bolts
$20 off