Moxie Maya

Moxie Maya -- She’s our company muse and mascot; the friendly face of Moxie Chic. She is smart, strong, savvy, stylish and sassy. She has a voice and she uses it, but she is not coarse. She has her own opinions, but she respects you and yours. She can convincingly express both sides of an issue, despite that she only agrees with one. She has spunk, grit and guts in spades. She is feminine with a bit of edge. She is caring and sensitive, but no pushover. She is playful, passionate and witty, not angry. She is an upstander, not a bystander or a bulldozer. She makes her own choices, on her own terms; they are good choices, but might not be your choices. She has presence; she illuminates the room. She is Moxie Maya.