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  • Magnify the positive
  • Optimize your power
  • Xercise your voice
  • Inspire others
  • Embrace equality

Meet our Founder Jennifer Shurdut-Bab

Moxie Chic is all about celebrating and elevating girls and inspiring them to believe that with a little moxie they ... we ... can change the world! We are not about being angry, crude or putting down guys. Ours is a positive feminism. All about finding our own moxie and positive energy.
-- Jennifer Shurdut-Bab Founder and CEO

We Are Change Agents

  • Between ages 8-14, girl’s confidence drop by 30%.
  • Girls never catch up to their male peers on the confidence scale.
  • Nearly 80% of girls want to feel more confident.
*Girls With Impact Statistics

Let’s change this!!! Words and messages create a powerful self-fulfilling prophecy. Don’t settle for labels like "pushy," "shrill," "bossy" or worse. Let’s define ourselves in positive terms -- MOXIE -- and accomplish the extraordinary.

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Our Happy Customers

"My one year old looks terrific in her new shirt! Thanks Moxie Chic. We are customers for life!"

Garry B.

"My mom and I love our new shirts! They are incredibly soft and fit so nicely."

Karen A.

"My little one has got moxie alright! She loves her new shirt and it shows."

Casey N.

"I gave myself and friends and family the gift of moxie - thanks Moxie Chic. Everyone LOVES them, my teen daughter included. The shirts are comfy and inspiring. Great combination!"

Patricia T.

"Moxie is a family affair for us. My daughter and her cousins love wearing their shirts -- and making a bold statement x 3!"

Alex T.

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