Our Company Mission

Feminist Brand With A Bolt of Positive Energy

Moxie Chic is a brand of female empowerment products with unique designs aiming to empower and celebrate women and girls of all ages. 


Our signature power bolt IS positive energy.

Wear it and feel the power -- whether on a tee shirt, hoodie, swimsuit, necklace,  tote bag, hat or workout apparel, it is meant to inspire and motivate. It says "YOU GOT THIS!"  And you do. With our Home Goods Collection, decorate your space with moxie too -- and be proud of what makes you, you.


Your Choice. Your Voice.

Clever messages and fresh designs. . .You choose what's right for you. Vote on future designs. Participate in our campaigns (contests, charity etc). Find your voice and use it; help others do the same. #VoiceYourMoxie. There are countless ways to voice your moxie.  At Moxie Chic, we are confident you will find yours and add your voice to the Moxie Movement.


Donate and Make a Difference.

We believe in giving back.  Every purchase makes a difference for those in need.  Read more about our extensive donation program