Moxie Chic's founder Jennifer Shurdut-Bab was recently profiled by The Mompreneur Project

by Jennifer Bab on September 23, 2019

 Secrets To Raising Empowered Daughters -

A Moxie Chic Interview

 Intro/questions: Nicole K. Vasco

How do I empower my daughters? How do I raise strong confident, compassionate, brave, bold daughters? How do I ensure they are confident enough to use not only their minds but their voices to pursue their passions in this world? These are questions, I have spent many restless nights wondering. Motherhood is one of the best things that has happened to me, but it’s definitely going to make me turn gray very early. I am constantly worrying about how best to raise my daughters in preparation for the world they will be growing up in. So what is a mother to do? 

Well, if you have the cajones you could create a clothing line with the mission to provide positive encouraging messages to empower your daughter like Jennifer Shurdut Bab did! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing, Jennifer, founder and creator of Moxie Chic, and we took a deep dive on what female empowerment meant to her, how she started Moxie Chic, and how she balances motherhood and entrepreneurship! . . .


Click here to read the full blog post and Jennifer's answers to Mompreneur's list of very thoughtful questions:

  • What was the inspiration to create Moxie Chic?
  • Female empowerment, especially focused on young girls is showing up everywhere these days from books, movies, toys, and now in clothing lines such as yours, do you think this is a trend or is this movement here to stay?
  • How did you start your business? 
  • How do you choose which women in history become a design on your clothing?
  • Who is your favorite woman from history?
  • Being a mother is hard. Add in a business, it is even harder. How do you balance motherhood and entrepreneurship?
  • What advice would you give a mom with an idea and wants to start a business?
  • What’s the #1 thing, in your opinion, mothers need to be successful in business?
  • I love that part of your proceeds are donated to Dress for Success. How did you get involved with Dressed for Success?
  • What does your daughter think about what you have created? 

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