Resilience . . .And Looking Toward the Fall with Moxie

by Jennifer Bab on August 19, 2020

Resilience comes in many forms....

During the pandemic - so far: I’ve seen my babies lose seven baby teeth (Maier three and Maya four), grow 4.5” (Maier, 2” and Maya 2.5”), grow out of instruments (Maier went from 1/2 to 3/4 size violin) and clothes (Maya now borrows mine!).

We’re learning to style through bad haircuts (mostly my fault though Maya got scissor happy on occasion).

We’ve welcomed sweet puppy Pepper, who is equal parts adorable and work (yup, uber adorable means uber work). 

Like many of you, we continue to be physically separated from friends... and unable to do the many activities that we love.

I’ve cooked about 3000 meals and counting (including for family having extended stays with us as well as for Maya who is going through a growth spurt, requiring me to double down on meal prep)...

“We” will start round two of virtual learning this Fall... (it’s a group effort to make it all work!)

We’re continuing to evolve and change and grow. My kids are turning into teens before my eyes as if our days are filmed on camera using a time lapse function, living in unusual conditions and without the usual fanfare and celebrations to mark milestones. We know that many have suffered greatly during this time — and have experienced unbearable loss and our hearts are with friends and family who have experienced the worst. 

We have been incredibly fortunate, yet we feel a sense loss in the everyday — moving forward in a bubble, without social interactions that keep us grounded and without the pleasures of being surrounded by our beloved peers, immersed in our usual enjoyed motions, routines and daily activities. 

Resilience comes in many forms... we trust you’re finding yours...To borrow from one of our favorite icons - We Can Do This. . .and I trust that each of us will move on, continuing to evolve and grow... with a greater sense of who we are and our superpower ability to rise above...with moxie.


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