#IWD2021 Contest Winners

by Jennifer Bab on March 22, 2021


The winners are in!  Click here to purchase these powerful designs on sale exclusively at Moxie Chic until May 1, 2021, all profits to Equality Now, an IWD Charity of Choice.

There were so many great designs to choose from that we decided to choose TWO!!!

Thank you to all who participated and CONGRATULATIONS to Jacqueline H. and Meadow S. for your winning designs.  

Both winners are 6th graders from New York with lots of talent and deep thoughts about gender issues they want to challenge for change.

Jacqueline H.'s More To Me Than What You See design challenges sexualization of women AND societal responses to sexual harassment.  She wants to enable women to freely discuss and get assistance for harassment they may have experienced. According to Jacqueline, reducing the stigma of discussing sexual harassment will lead to healthier MINDS and normalize mental health access and treatment.  We agree!  At Moxie Chic we also believe the mind is powerful and a positive mindset is essential -- Jacqueline's focus on a woman's behavioral health needs is right on. 

Meadow S.'s Unite for Equality design challenges gender discrimination AND bias against feminists. Meadow wants people to stop assuming that feminists hate or want power over men  -- she wants all women and men to unite for a common goal -- equal treatment.  Meadow tells us that her design illustrates the many layers we each possess as dynamic individuals (with her symbolic use of scratched oil pastels). Moxie Chic agrees that notwithstanding each person's many unique individual layers, everyone should unite for gender equality!

Moxie Chic is so grateful and proud of everyone who submitted designs. That takes a lot of courage.  

Jacqueline and Meadow -- thank you for your designs and your incredibly thoughtful descriptions about them and what inspired you to create them.

We hope your work will encourage and inspire others to #VoiceYourMoxie and challenge needed change toward gender equality.






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