Happy New Year

by Jennifer Bab on January 01, 2021
As we leap toward 2021, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our past and our future.

This year has been unlike any other, for all of us.

We've all been subjected to a unique set of stresses and protocols requiring us to up-end our usual routines and interactions with others. We've resorted to apps like Facetime and Zoom for human real-time connection. We've celebrated milestones and suffered losses, miles and time zones apart. We've co-mingled family time, school and work under one roof (often in inadequately small quarters to accommodate each with the room and attention they deserve). We've spent too much time on screens. . .And some of us have suffered immeasurable, life-altering losses.

But what I find heartening is that we found ways to help one another get from one day to the next. We've been there for our loved ones despite the physical distance. We've marched in the streets for causes and candidates we support despite the health risks. We've heard that this pandemic has set women back years in the workforce, while women made history in being elected in record numbers to leadership positions in government and having achieved a record number of CEO appointments in Fortune 500 companies. We've created vaccinations in record time which will enable us to come together and be with each other physically sooner rather than later.

We should take stock in our losses of 2020, recognize the resilience we exercised, celebrate the fortitude it took for us to arrive to this point and leap forward with a renewed sense of strength and inspiration to accomplish whatever we want in the coming year. . .with moxie.

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