Give the gift of MOXIE to all the important girls in your life. 
  • Purchase any item(s) and send directly. The package will come with a packing slip including information about the order but won’t include the price (except on hats where the price will be indicated).  Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to provide gift receipts or gift wrapping at this time. 
  • If you search any shirt by design, every style and size of that design will populate.  There you can choose gifts for friends and family easily.  Need help with gift ideas, see below.  
  • At this time, we are not able to create gift cards. If that is something you would like, let us know here so we can consider that for the future.

    Gift New Baby/Mommy (GRLPWR)

    GRLPWR Onesie (White, Pink Text)

    Born With Moxie Onesie (White, Pink Text)

    Little Girl Big Moxie Onesie (White, Pink Text)

    GRLPWR French Terry Raglan (Woman, White, Pink Text)

    Gift New Baby/Mommy (Moxie Movement)

    A little something for Mom and Daughter. . . They are both part of the Moxie Movement.

    Newest Member Onesie (White, Pink Text)

    Born With Moxie Onesie (White, Pink Text)

    Baseball Hat - Black/Pink Bolt

    Baseball Hat - Black/Pink Logo

    Gift New Baby (Just Baby-wear)

    If you want to stay baby-focused then these items are your best bet. . .But if you want to indulge the mom too, all options will have matching mommy shirts and other related products.

    GRLPWR Onesie (White, Pink Text)

    GRLPWR Infant T-Shirt (White, Pink Text)

    Superpower Infant T-Shirt (White, Blue Text)

    Superpower Onesie (White, Blue Text)

    Gifts Mommy/Daughter

    Most all of our shirts can be mommy/daughter gifts -- most of them all come in all sizes! Here is a Super Power gift set . . . The boys in the family will be jealous!

    Superpower Semi-Fitted T-Shirt (Woman, White, Blue Text)

    Superpower French Terry Raglan (Woman, White, Blue Text)

    Superpower Dolman (Woman, White, Blue Text)

    Superpower Onesie (White, Blue Text)

    Gift (All Girls in the Family)

    For any birthday or Mother's Day -- why not get matching shirts for all the girls (of every generation) in the family!

    Moxie Generations Fitted Toddler T-Shirt (White, Pink/Black Text)

    Moxie Generations Muscle T-Shirt (Woman, White, Black Text)

    Moxie Generations Standard Toddler T-Shirt (White, Pink/Black Text)

    Moxie Generations Onesie (White, Pink/Black Text)

    Gift New Baby/Mommy (You Defined)

    Moxie Defined Onesie (White, Black Text)

    Moxie Defined Infant T-Shirt (White, Black Text)

    Moxie Defined Dolman (Woman, White, Black Text)

    Moxie Woman Semi-Fitted Defined T-Shirt (White, Black Text)

    Gift (New Graduate of Any Age)

    She's ready to take the world by storm. Whether she's graduating from preschool or graduate school or any program in between -- let her know she has the power to change the world! Match it with a coffee mug for the older girls and a water bottle for the younger ones -- and that's a perfect gift!

    Change The World Art Print - 18 x 24

    Change The World Standard Youth T-Shirt (White, Black World)

    Change The World Fitted Youth T-Shirt (White, Yellow) World

    Change The World Art Print - 16 x 20