Product Overview

Moxie Chic is for every girl.  The brand is made by women for women (and girls of all ages). We’ve taken great care to bring you high quality, flattering t-shirts and complementary products. We want you to feel terrific -- and that’s why we give you a choice of products AND moxie messages. You choose what’s right for you -- and OWN IT.

Choice is important to us.

Your choice: tee/accessory/home goods.

We want ALL girls to feel good.  We provide a range of products to choose from so you can surround yourself with moxie and positive energy. 

Your choice: moxie message.

Moxie Chic gives every girl a choice of messages. Own what you feel suits your personality and fill your closet with enough tees and accessories to choose what fits your mood on any given day or for any occasion!

These unique designs are great conversation starters. What an easy way to introduce yourself to new people! Your shirts will do all the work. Others will quickly learn you are a fun-loving, smart girl with style and a touch of sass, strong but not spiteful, outspoken but not coarse. You are just the right type of feminine. And those who see you with your moxie will want to get to know you better.

Your choice: how to wear it.

Our tees are versatile.  They will look great with sneakers or heels; shorts, jeans, slacks or skirts; sweaters, blazers or leather jackets. The combinations are limitless.  Have fun mixing and matching. (For those of you looking to transition easily from daytime to evening, from casual to night-on-the-town -- this is your brand!)