Our Founder

In Her Own Words...
I am a woman, a mom, a wife, a business owner, a lawyer, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an active member of my community . . . There are many ways to be a woman. 
Why Moxie Chic?  The Moxie Chic story begins with my daughter Maya. She inspired me to introduce this brand to all girls and women. My wish for Maya -- and girls of all ages -- is to embrace “moxie” and celebrate being a girl, on her own terms and in her own way. As a young girl, my parents always believed in me and encouraged me to overcome challenges, remain positive and optimistic, find my inner strength, push the limits and strive for high goals. My little girl attends an all girl’s school that also instills courage and confidence -- indeed “moxie.”  But this message is for EVERY girl, without exception. 
My son has been an inspiration too. Raising a young boy has made me keenly aware of and concerned with much of the current female empowerment messaging, which is angry and coarse (e.g., “Chicks Before Pricks”, “Feminist Killjoy” “Down with the Patriarchy” “Feminist as F---”); and even when more subtly expressed (e.g., “The Future is Female”), its bitterness is often directed toward guys. I want my son -- and ALL boys -- to respect and admire women, not to be made to feel defensive, apologetic or angry. 
Seeing the world through the eyes of my young children has helped (re)define one of my personal missions which is now Moxie Chic’s mission -- to spread positive female empowerment messaging. I believe we can and should lift up our girls by being upbeat and optimistic about their future (without alienating or hurting our boys). The more female voices that express moxie, and the more we all embrace the idea that girls expressing moxie are beautiful and “chic,” the better we guarantee that girls will believe in themselves, take advantage of opportunities -- or create their own -- and accomplish the extraordinary.  
Why now?  I was motivated to create Moxie Chic to put positive feminist messaging front and center, for everyone’s sake. Fortunately, it was also time for me to reinvent myself:  from full time mom to business owner mom. Evolving over time and discovering, expressing then rediscovering my own moxie has been a lifelong journey.
Before getting married (to my supportive husband), having two (spirited) children and inheriting two (terrific) step children, I traveled the world, hiked the Inca Trail, caught rainbows at the edge of the Zambezi River and swam with sharks (literally and figuratively). Throughout these adventures, I was practicing law.
I practiced for about 15 years by the time I gave up my position (for health reasons) as General Counsel of a New York City restaurant conglomerate and became a full time mom.  Leaving my job (and career) was difficult. In many ways, I felt like I was giving up my identity. Having now been both a working mom and a full time mom -- I know each of those roles well and celebrate both. I am grateful for having had a successful career and also grateful for having been able to give my kids my full attention in their younger years. However, while I was changing diapers and serving up organic homemade meals, I always expected that I would reinvent myself.  And that is when Moxie Chic was born. 
Moxie Chic existed many years ago, albeit in a different form; she has undergone her own transformation. In about 2000, I found myself wanting, even needing, a creative outlet. It was then that I started designing t-shirts promoting female empowerment.  I was the only female coxswain on the male Harvard crew team my Freshman year of college. . . and I was often the only woman in the room in business meetings. And, I am sure like many of you with similar experiences, I came to realize that possessing courage, confidence and verve makes all the difference.  While I sold some of my shirts in various markets back then, I really didn’t have the retail contacts or luxury of time to pursue the business full on. 
Thanks to the inspiration of my children -- Moxie Chic was borne from my prior company, in a completely different form, with new purpose, designs and messaging. I am so happy to be able to bring Moxie Chic t-shirts out of my proverbial closet and into yours. I am thrilled that you can now wear these shirts and show off other products and sport some moxie!